Inform, Educate, Inspire: The Mission of Dan Wooding


inform, educate, inspireAbout Dan Wooding (ANS) – To inspire someone today is difficult. To educate is important, but to inform almost becomes impossible amidst today’s social media overload. Dan Wooding,  however, has succeeded at these three things during a lifetime of service for the persecuted church.
Now at this time of his career, he still succeeds today as a media missionary in the UK to inspire and educate. Frankly, we need more journalism like that of Dan Wooding. Your support today for Dan and Norma allows them to continue to inspire people to take action.

Support Dan

Dan and his wife Norma, now residing in the UK, live by faith as they continue to serve as media missionaries. Would you like to join Dan’s support team? Dan and Norma need 20 new monthly sponsors @ $25 per month to stand with them to continue the ministry of ANS.  Dan shared recently from the UK: “I’ve just returned from a local hospital where I met with my leukemia doctor who has been guiding me through my chemo treatment. I am also recovering well from my lung cancer surgery where a cancerous tumor and part of my right lung were removed.”

“Norma and I have been back in the UK now for some nine months and are delighted to be close to our two sons, Andrew and Peter, and their six grandkids. But it has been quite a struggle as we never guessed that I would face so many health issues, but your prayers and support have been so appreciated.”

“As the news service continues to grow, our personal support has begun to dry up, making it difficult for us to continue to pay our bills over here as media missionaries. So, dear friends, would you prayerfully consider joining our support team?”

“We urgently need to hear from our friends and supporters. Thank you so much for standing with us! Click here for your support at this critical time. Thank you for your friendship and support.”

Dan Wooding