Persecuted Christians Need Us to Hold Their Persecutors Accountable


“Persecuted Christians need us to hold their persecutors accountable,” Frank Gaffney said.

Mr. Gaffney, president of Save The Persecuted Christians, stated this like it was actually doable. I asked him to tell me about this new movement of Save The Persecuted Christians.  How can we hold the persecutors accountable?

Save the Persecuted Christians is a movement. Join today.

Anaheim, CA (ANS) – “Save the Persecuted Christians started a year ago. We are a coalition of Christian people and organizations who desire to do more for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.  In other words, the problem of persecution is getting worse, not better.  As a result, more pressure is needed to be put on our government, Frank said, because the suffering of Christians is growing around the world.  (check out this story)

Save the Persecuted Christians formed as a non-profit in January 2019.  The goal is to influence the US government to stop funding foreign governments who are persecuting Christians. Because our government gives out foreign aid, we want them to make it clear that there are costs associated with the persecution of Christians.

Foreign governments do this with impunity today and we want to change that.  The United States should stop giving them access to US taxpayer funds.  We should stop giving them subsidies in the form of foreign aid.   This is why Save the Persecuted Christians needs the American people to help. 

This Is An Easy Movement To Join

Our goal is to build a movement, to mobilize people of good will to create pressure to hold the persecutors accountable. Because we are building a movement, we have placed many resources on our website  Please consider joining the “ground team” because this will pressure our representatives to stop giving money to these governments.  We believe that freedom of religious choice and practice is a primary right of people around the world.  

Why Is Our Taxpayer Money Going to Governments

who Persecute Christians?

We have a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary of State, a National Security Advisor and Ambassador Sam Brownback who are profoundly convinced that we must do this.  This Administration believes in and acts upon the ideals of freedom for all people.  Our government is not the problem., but they need to be engaged and lobbied to keep this cause visible.  For this reason, we need the help of the American people,” Frank said.

Display Banners For Our Church and Public Places

“We have nice stand-up display banners available to place in churches or public places.  The images and information are powerful. This is a small tangible first step to bring awareness in your congregation.  They can be placed in the foyer, fellowship hall, or the sanctuary. We have a group of 24 pop-up displays available on our website.  These are powerful graphic reminders.  This is not a fundraiser, this is a tool to bring awareness for our persecuted brothers and sisters in foreign lands.

Another thing that we are working on is asking our politicians to take a pledge to protect the right of people to practice religious freedom and choice around the world.  We must hold the persecutors accountable and start with our local politicians.

Add the deaths caused by Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, etc.  That number is dwarfed by the number of Christians suffering persecution today. We are meant to step out in faith today and impact our government and stop the funding of these foreign States who do not share our values.”