Soccer Fever in Iraq helps fight ISIS Radicalization


ERBIL, Northern Iraq (ANS) — As football fever spreads throughout England and Europe during the Euro2020 soccer tournament, Mosaic Middle East reported the latest news from its football project at Harsham Camp in northern Iraq.

In an email update to ministry supporters, the outreach said: “Our football project is run by local Iraqis and brings these refugees together, across religious and ethnic divides. It helps to protect the youngsters from radicalization — a very real danger in camps in Iraq where there is so little hope.”

Watch a video of some of the Iraqi youth playing soccer here:

These Iraqi boys love playing soccer in their new outfits

The ministry says: “We cover the costs of the football coach, the boy’s kit and equipment. Two years ago we paid for the pitch to be fully renovated including new drainage. We want to be able to make repairs to the pitch so if you are able to provide a donation it would be greatly appreciated.”

Mosaic Middle East says that in the Harsham refugee camp hundreds of boys languish. “With little to do and no hope of a way out, they are at risk of radicalisation from extremists.”

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The ministry set up the football project there and funded the pitch as well as a Coach and football kits. “The joy is palpable on the faces of the boys,” the ministry says.

Mosaic Middle East is committed to the project and recently supplied a second set of Mosaic football kits. The boys are so appreciative. One boy said, “We are very happy for this support and for the kits. I love it. Thank you.”

The ministry adds: “We kept our promise to the boys.”

Mosaic may be contacted via their website at: or via snail-mail at: Mosaic Middle East,

F R R M E, PO Box 229, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 9DL , United Kingdom.

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