The Many Blessings of a Cow


WILLS POINT, Texas (ANS) — A dilemma lay before Rajvi and her husband, Parash: either sell their cows—a significant part of their livelihood—or endure sicknesses without medicine. Ultimately, Rajvi and Parash sold their cows, but the consequences of that decision would haunt them for years to come.

Gospel For Asia ( says Rajvi and Parash lived as farmers along with their four young children in a rural Asian village.

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After illness forced them to sell their cows—a primary source of money for farmers like them across Asia—just to afford medical care, their income suffered. Rajvi and Parash took up any labor jobs they could find in tandem with farming. Yet still, the money the couple earned couldn’t feed the entire family. Each passing day, poverty tightened its grip around the family.

GFA-supported pastor Mairava, serving in the local village, knew of Rajvi and Parash’s struggles. The family was part of his church, having attended services for quite some time. But Pastor Mairava didn’t know how he could help them.

Much like the cow with this woman pictured, the cow Rajvi and Parash received at a GFA-supported gift distribution blessed their family in significant ways,

After much prayer, the Lord provided Pastor Mairava with a solution for Rajvi and Parash’s struggles. Through a GFA-sponsored gift distribution, Rajvi and Parash received a cow!

The couple was ecstatic. This cow was a chance for them to bring much-needed income back into their household.

Gospel For Asia says almost immediately, the cow brought blessing to Rajvi and Parash. The cow provided fresh milk for the family, as well as dung to use as fertilizer for their crops and vegetables, saving money they typically spent on chemical fertilizer. In addition, the cow further blessed the family by giving birth to two calves!

No more shortages of food or income—through one cow, an entire family was lifted from poverty.

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