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Ukrainian Families Struggle During Lockdown

by Jeff Thompson

The Ukrainets live with 8 children in a 350 sq foot apartment.

The Covid-19 virus continues to wind its way through the Ukrainian population. Many families in the Mercy Projects Ukraine ministry are suffering, but not necessarily from Covid-19. The effects of isolation, closed schools and a lack of contact with others is a huge burden. This month we highlight two of the families in our sponsorship ministry and ask you to pray.

The Ukrainets family live in a 350 sq ft apartment

Petro and Valya Ukrainets are a new family in the MP sponsorship program. They live in the northwest of Ukraine and now have 8 children including their new baby boy. Our family coordinator in that region, Vera K., visited them just prior to the birth to see how we could help.

“I am glad they are members of a large local church and that the church members help them, but their need is still great,” their family coordinator Vera said.

“I made a video with my phone, because I want you to see their conditions. They are a large loving family but mom is overwhelmed. The grandma was there to help out when I visited. Four of the kids are school-age but they can’t go to school. There is one desk for everyone to do school work and no internet for online lessons. 2-year-old Simeon sleeps in the buggy until the new baby is ready to sleep there.

“The apartment is 350 square feet with two rooms and a small bathroom. They don’t have a balcony to dry clothes, so the church gave them a dryer. But when mom is cooking, the combined heat from the dryer and stove fills the apartment. There is no basement of course to store the potatoes, so everything is stored in the hallway.”

Mom is stressed and children suffer

Vera shared privately that she has family in the USA and would like to try and raise money to buy a small house for the Ukrainets. She said the mother Valya is completely stressed out by their situation. From living in a tiny place, to the corona virus, and now giving birth to a new baby boy, she has reached her limit. Vera continues her report:

“This lockdown increased the stress level due to everyone staying home. In the video I made, the grandma cries out to God for a bigger apartment. The children join her in this prayer. It is heartbreaking for the father, Petro, as he is disabled and receives a small disability pension. He is a good Christian man but he has multiple health issues.

“Please pray for the mother Valya, the new baby, and if the Lord provides, a new house. Their church is helping them so they will only need around $15,000. I am praying we can all join together and see what the Lord does. Thank you so much!” Vera said.

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