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African Children’s Choir Founder Calls for Prayers for Hope and Healing

by Peter Wooding

As the world continues to deal with the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus outbreak, African Children’s Choir

African Children’s Choir Founder Ray Barnett

Founder Ray Barnett says it’s vital that believers come together in united prayer for a solution to this crisis.

“We need all Christians to pray for wisdom for doctors and nurses and for government officials. Pray for those who are scientists who are working for an antidote to the virus,” explains Ray.

He added: “This is critical and could lead to those who are in the medical field getting wisdom and knowledge in what to do.”

Ray, aged 83, who was raised in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, founded the African Children’s Choir in 1984. After hearing a radio broadcast discussing the 150,000 children starving to death in Northern Uganda, he felt compelled to help, and headed out to the affected area to see how he could make a difference.

36 years later, as the current choir has postponed all tours, he believes they can minister to those effected by this pandemic through live online concerts:

“We will be announcing details very soon for plans to do live broadcasting to the churches or people who are forced to be in their homes because they have the virus; and we can stream hope and healing concerts relating to this whole pandemic that’s going around the world.”

Ray concluded: “As in the title of my biography ‘Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done,’ through prayer God can do anything. He can heal, and he can reach out and bring reassurance. So, to me that would also be a ministry of healing and encouragement for people. Everyone who believes probably knows somebody who’s affected by this virus, and they can be praying specifically for them and for the people in countries that are difficult to reach. We need to pray for a major miracle for this pandemic to end.”

You can listen to an audio interview with Ray Barnett here.

For media interview requests with Ray Barnett or a copy of the audio file of this interview email Peter Wooding: peter@gna.news


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