ANS Senior Editor Launches NRB Appeal to Continue Father’s Legacy

Peter Wooding filming Dan Wooding interviewing Dr Michael Youssef at NRB
Peter, senior editor at ANS, and his father Dan, founder of ANS, interview ministry leaders at NRB

ASSIST News Senior Editor Peter Wooding has launched an appeal to enable him to attend the National Religious Broadcasters Convention March 15-18, 2021 in Dallas, Texas, to continue his father’s legacy of gathering important stories at this significant media gathering.
“It was so special to work alongside my dad for many years at NRB and see him in his element interviewing countless people at NRB each year,” explains Peter Wooding.
He added: “What will make next year’s event even more special for me to be there is it will mark the first anniversary since his promotion to heaven on March 18, 2020.”

“The annual NRB convention is important for Assist News,” said Jeff Thompson, director of Mercy Projects and friend of Dan and Peter Wooding.  “Pete knows everyone and is able to carry on his father Dan Wooding’s legacy of getting stories that other news sites miss.  Because we are all volunteers at Assist News, including Peter, we must raise the funds for special important projects like attending the NRB,” Jeff said.

Please help us send Peter Wooding to the NRB.

Make a tax-deductible donation through Mercy Projects.  Peter needs to raise $2000.