Award-winning drama “Unbridled” with Jenn Gotzon Chandler


 By Michael Ireland, Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

DETROIT, MI (ANS – Jan. 18, 2019) — Jenn Gotzon Chandler continues to be cast as historical or real-life characters in family movies like “Unbridled,” opening in select cities nationwide on Friday, January 18.

Great Lakes Christian Film Festival awarded Gotzon Chandler Best Supporting Actress for her role; see a full list of opening theaters at

Unbridled – a girl and her horse story movie poster

A girl-and-her-horse-film, “Unbridled” is a festival darling starring Tea McKay, Eric Roberts and T.C. Stallings. Winning countless awards, this drama is directed by John David Ware and produced by Christy McGlothlin.

“Frost/Nixon” launched Gotzon Chandler’s career a decade ago portraying President Nixon’s daughter Tricia in Ron Howard’s five-time Oscar Nominated bio-pic. Others include 2018’s Amazon’s movers-and-shakers and Netflix trender, “My Daddy’s In Heaven,” along with Oscar-nominated, “Alone Yet Not Alone” and upcoming bio-pic, “His Sunrise, My Sunset.”

In “Unbridled,” Jenn Gotzon Chandler plays an equine academy director based on the actual owner, Joy Currey of Corral Riding Academy. The program teaches abused teens how to develop trust, healthy boundaries and confidence by pairing them with horses.

In the movie “Unbridled,” the main character (Tea McKay) is neglected by her alcoholic mother (Dey Young), trafficked by her mother’s boyfriend (Oscar-Nominated Eric Roberts), rescued and brought to equine therapy where she is put under the care of the academy director (Gotzon Chandler). McKay is paired with Dreamer, a palomino horse (trained by Harmony Horsemanship’s Lindsey Partridge), who leads her to hope and freedom.

Written by Bonne Bartron and Christy McGlothlin, executive produced by Gerald McGlothlin and Troy Buder, “Unbridled” also stars T.C. Stallings (“Courageous,” “War Room”) and Rachel Hendrix (October Baby, Allegiant).

“Unbridled” releases the week of Jan 18 to theaters across the Midwest. For tickets and theater listings, go to

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