Called to be Men: Part Two


BILLINGS, MONTANA (ANS) – According to authors Pastor Steve Heimbichner and Pastor Deborah Munson, the central thesis of Called to be Men is that “Men need more than motivation and inspiration.”

Heimbichner and Munson have co-authored Called to be Men, which seeks to restore the vision of Biblical manhood.

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Pastor Deborah Munson told ASSIST News: “Men need to understand what their identity and role is in each key area of his life. God knows men have this need and has provided all the instruction and hope that a man needs to become the man He designed a man to be. In our chaotic and confused culture, that is good news!”

Pastor Munson explained that the answers to each man’s quest for true manhood are found in the core values and principles of manhood presented in God’s Word.

Cover artwork for Called to be Men

“The four core values of a righteous man in God’s Kingdom reflect God’s own character: honor, courage, integrity, and fidelity (faithfulness to a deep level). This is where the book starts; first things first.  A man’s first and greatest responsibility is to allow God to develop and root these core values deep within his character.  We start with defining each core value; what they truly look like and how they function,” Munson said.

Pastor Munson said that fom there the book breaks down into the key areas of a man’s life.  “These range from his relationships with God and his parents to his employer, spouse, and children.  How are these four core values walked out day by day in the context of these relationships?  We provide not only the why but the how to.”

Munson said: “Amazingly, God has His ways for a man to walk successfully in every relationship.  We look at what He instructs in His Word. We also look at some of the traditions the Hebrew culture (all the way back to Abraham) developed to practically equip men to fulfill these deeply significant and powerful roles. How to does a man honor God and honor his parents? How does a man bless and honor his employer – or his employees? How does a man bless his spouse and his children? How does a man support and encourage his wife? How does a man prepare his sons and daughters for adulthood? How does he validate and encourage his children?”

Pastor Munson said the ancient paths found in both the Bible and in the Hebrew culture give us instruction that is still very relevant in our chaotic modern world.  “No more trends and latest modern models. It’s nuts and bolts time with our Creator. It’s time to get back to the basics so that we can see our families and our cultures begin to turn around.”

ASSIST News asked Pastor Munson about the particular challenges men face in the 21st century.

“Wow, where does one start? As the female on this authorship team, I think the biggest challenge a man in the early part of this century faces is establishing his own identity – both as a man, and as a husband and father.  A strong and righteous man is an integral part of God’s Kingdom as we work to establish it on this earth.  This is why Satan relentlessly attacks men. If he can remove them from the home, he can crush women with the weight of extra responsibilities and rob children of their self-worth and destinies.

“The traditional family that was so common just a few decades ago is under devastating attack. Roles that were designed to protect, provide for, guide, and nurture our children have been grossly confused. Men are expected to act and think more like women – and women are expected to think and act like men. This whole unisex thing is so harmful.  I truly believe that deep down inside most men want to be that strong protector and good provider, the father that provides sound instruction and skills to his children, can pass on blessings, and validate value and purpose in each of his children.”

Pastor Deborah Munson

Munson said that she  truly believes women deep down inside long for that kind of a man. “They would love to be the nurturer, the one who gives her children a grounded sense of security, and teaches her children the skills and ability to relate well with others in ways that only a woman of deep self-worth can provide. I know that as a woman I want my husband to be there for me emotionally and also be the spiritual leader of our family.  I know in my heart of hearts that men are capable of being exactly these things. God designed them to be incredible leaders in the home. They just don’t know why or how.”

Pastor Munson explained that our present culture and society has been screaming anything but God’s design at us for so long that we have swallowed their lies.

“We honestly believe men can and should be like women and women can and should be like men. That is why our young people are so gender confused. We have taught them to be confused. We have taught them that it’s all up to them.

“God has designed for them a glorious and fulfilling life as righteous men and women on this earth. We’ve allowed them to accept the belief that it is okay to tell God he is wrong and do our own thing. I honestly pray for the men of our nation – no matter which subculture that they are in – to so long for their own manhood to be restored that they will throw off the weight of these voices and start to look for God’s truth for themselves.  I pray for women, that we will do the same.”

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