Christians Urged to Share Stories of Hope Online


Leicester, England (ANS) – Christians across the UK whose prayers have been answered are being encouraged to tell their stories online to make hope visible during lockdown.

Answered Prayer Challenge Logo

The Answered Prayer Challenge – an initiative of the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer – aims to flood social media with stories of hope and faith in Christ during lockdown from January 25th.

Founder Richard Gamble, the brains behind the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer – a 51-metre high monument which will be built on the outskirts of Birmingham (England) in 2022 – hopes individuals whose faith has been lifted during lockdown will contribute.

He is encouraging selfie-style videos in landscape format to be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter naming @eternalwalluk with the #answeredprayerchallenge tag. Contributors are then asked to nominate three friends to do the same.

Richard said: “January is a notoriously difficult month for many, and the pandemic has only highlighted the struggles individuals and communities are facing.

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer CEO Richard Gamble

“Our aim is to flood social media through January and February with good news stories showing that Jesus is alive, he listens to our prayers and he answers them. We believe this will bring encouragement to thousands of people.

“The key is to show that Jesus is still moving. No matter how big or small your story is, send it in. It will encourage others and make hope visible at this tough time. We can do this with your help!”

Gamble, the former chaplain of Leicester City Football Club, is the CEO of the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, which will be constructed using a million bricks, each representing an answered prayer shared by a member of the public.

The structure will be visible up to six miles away and is expected to be spotted by half a million vehicles passing by each week.

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