Dreams Come True for Armenia’s Youth


Republic of Georgia: The Mercy Projects camp for young people from Armenia echoed with laughter, soccer balls, singing and folk dancing. 45 young people from 12-16 years of age spent 10 days near the Black Sea hearing about the love of Jesus. Indeed, this was a dream come true for most of the kids.

Many swam in the ocean for the first time. Every day included English lessons, arts and crafts, Bible discussions, devotions, great food, poetry and music. Some of the kids arrived with just a single change of clothes. The tie-dye t-shirt project was a big hit, adding an extra shirt to go back home. Thank you to our many sponsors who make these camps possible!

Living in an Abandoned Train Car

A young man named Pasha attended this summer camp and loves to play soccer. He is 15-years-old, one of four children, and comes from a loving family. Due to unemployment and general poverty in Armenia, Pasha’s family is forced to live in an abandoned train car. Our Mercy Projects team visited them and others like them in Armenia prior to the summer camp.

After visiting their homes in Armenia, then later seeing them at camp in Georgia, Brooke, a photographer on the team, shared: “It seems like the kids come to camp, take a deep breath, and get to take a break from living in their ‘survival mode’ at home. It was so fun to see them smiling, playing, laughing and dancing at camp.”

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