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FEBC Sees Overwhelming Gospel Responses

by Peter Wooding

FEBC radio distribution in Cambodia.

La Mirada, USA (ANS) – Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) has seen an overwhelming Gospel response from their listeners in some of the most unreached parts of the world from China to Myanmar to Cambodia.

During the last year as many of the countries where they broadcast have gone into lockdown FEBC has been ministering to those impacted by these challenging times.

“The bulk of the responses we were getting were indicating that people were responding as they were restricted to their homes,” explains FEBC’s President and CEO Ed Cannon during an interview with the Global News Alliance.

FEBC CEO and President Ed Cannon.

“But the radio penetrates all these barriers. The radio can get into their home when they can’t get out. Hope through the Gospel comes when there’s nothing else available.  So we heard from so many people sharing, ‘I’m lonely, I’m depressed, I’m anxious, I’m worried. But your radio has become my best friend.’ And we saw this surge in all of the countries where we’re broadcasting in very different ways.”

Cannon says the most effective way they’ve been able to follow up with countless responses from their listeners has been to partner with local churches.

“Through the radio and through digital communication we’re allowing people to connect to a church.  In some cases, it’s where they used to go.  But in most cases, it’s a new place.  So, we’re bringing new people into the church. We’re allowing the church to have contact with people that they wouldn’t otherwise realize how to connect to.  And at the end of the day, it’s good for everyone because now those people who are seeking information about the Gospel have a permanent place in their area where they can reach out to local people and get answers.”

You can watch the full video report of this story produced by our partners at the Global News Alliance here:


FEBC Sees Overwhelming Gospel Responses

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