Global News Alliance To Receive Prestigious NRB International Impact Award

GNA CEO and Founder Stan Jeter leading a Smartphone Journalism Workshop.

The Global News Alliance, an online Christian news exchange, is set to receive an International Impact Award at the NRB Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tennessee February 25, 2020.

Each year the NRB convention honours individuals or organisations who are having an impact globally, who demonstrate a strong personal commitment to proclaiming Christ through electronic media, working with integrity and faithfulness to influence a culture for Christ.

“God is at work around the world, and Christians need to know what is happening on the global scene,” explains Media Alliance International Director and NRB Executive Committee Member Ron Harris.

He added: “This great vision is continuing to grow in its influence and impact, and I am grateful for all who are part of the Global News Alliance.”

GNA CEO and Founder Stan Jeter says this is a great endorsement for their growing team of reporters around the world:

“I am grateful that NRB recognizes the importance of Christian news for informing, inspiring and motivating believers.  Every week our GNA News Bureau Chiefs contact reporters, broadcasters, churches and ministries, to collect “God-stories” for our broadcast affiliates.

“It’s clearly evident there’s a hunger for this kind of unique news content.  Media producers in 23 countries downloaded our stories more than 1400 times in the last year alone in both English and Spanish.”

In order to expand the GNA’s rapidly growing team of reporters, Stan went on to explain the vital importance of engaging the latest technologies to mobilise the next generation of ‘citizen’ journalists:

“We’re joining the Smartphone revolution, with the goal of training an army of up and coming journalists who can use the “production studio in their pocket” to report on news of importance to the church—anywhere in the world.”

The GNA team will be hosting a key affiliate event at this year’s NRB Convention on Friday Feb 28 called: “Smartphone Story-Telling Secrets.”

Stan concluded: “Smartphones are revolutionizing the way we tell stories–from news reporting to fund-raising. We’ll be providing ten simple tips to help people to be effective content producers.


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About GNA:


A well-informed Christian public that understands the times, like the leaders of Issachar in their day (I Chron. 12:32), and who are developing a Biblically-centered world view with insights about what needs to be done.


Stretch a cooperative news-gathering network around the globe, so that no developments significant to the Church go unreported.


The concept is not new.  In 1846 five New York City newspapers pooled their resources to fund a pony express route that would bring them news of the Mexican War more quickly than the U.S. Post Office.  What those newspapers began 170 years ago is now the Associated Press, the world’s dominant news service.

Today’s powerful communication tools allow our Global News Alliance to “go global” from the very outset, instantly connecting news partners from Korea to Germany and around the globe.

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