God’s invisible qualities can be seen in His creation (Rom. 1:20)

Houston, TX (ANS) – Growing up in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains we experienced four distinct seasons.  The Spring and Fall seasons are spectacular and were my favorite times of the year.  Reflecting on those days reminds me of how we can get so use to some things that we often take them for granted.  In the sub-tropical region of Southeast Texas people often joke about only having two seasons a year, Summer and January.  However, every few years it snows a little, and occasionally you might see some Fall like colors in the trees.

Living Conditions vs Heart Condition

Not experiencing the seasonal changes, and especially missing the beautiful Fall foliage, gives one a greater appreciation and gratitude for spending time in the hills and mountains.  Sometimes we may think that if we could just live in a beautiful place, have a nice home and plenty of money we’d be happier.  However, our living conditions do not have as much to do with our joy and happiness as the condition of our hearts and attitudes.

True Joy and Contentment

The joy of sharing the Living Water of Jesus, along with life giving clean water

Those of us who have had the opportunity to travel in many parts of the world, can recognize that living conditions do not have as much to do with true joy, contentment and gratitude as other factors.  It is true that some of most unhappy, angry and bitter people in the world today have more than enough of everything.  On the other hand, there are those who do not have enough of anything, yet complain less, are more content and happier.  In reality, it is a matter of attitude and the condition of ones’ heart that makes the difference.

Blessed to be a Blessing

Over the 30-year history of Living Water International, we’ve seen how getting a water well in a community can bring great joy, transformation and gratitude.  The more time we spend in the places and with the people who are without clean water and other basic needs, helps us have an appreciation for what we have.  It is also a motivation to share and give to others.  Of course, we know from Scripture, that when we bless and give to others, we will be blessed and receive back more than we give.

Power of Water and the Word

A few years ago, I had the opportunity of spending some time in a remote area of the Central African Republic, near the Congo River.  Our team visited a Sunday church service in a village of about 500 people.  In conversation with one of the village elders, who was holding an old worn out Bible in his hands, I asked him how many people in that village had Bibles and could read them.  His response was, “There are three of us.”  Those living in that region of the country would have been considered an unreached people group.  However, they were being reached because years earlier missionaries planted the Seed of God’s Word, and where Living Water International drilled a water well.  It was a delight to see the smiling faces, the joy and gratitude in the people’s lives.

God’s Word can take root, reproduce and multiple as we faithfully sow it into the hearts of the thirsty

Reproducing Life

A good friend recently shared a quote with me from Oswald Chambers, “A river touches places of which its source knows nothing…”  He also said, “God rarely allows a soul to see how great a blessing he is.”  When we think of the 21,000 plus water projects that LWI has completed since its founding in 1990, one can only imagine the millions of people who have been impacted with clean water and the Living Water of Jesus.  The organization’s 30-year anniversary will be celebrated with a virtual gala October 8, 2020.  This year, for the first time, people from around the world will be able to join online at –

It is encouraging to realize that when we share the gospel and introduce others to the Lord, that the reproducing life of the Lord Jesus will flow like rivers of Living Water.  Only eternal will reveal how the Lord uses our words and deeds for His glory.