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By Michael Ireland, Senior Reporter, ASSIST News Service  

NICOSIA, CYPRUS (ANS, May 14, 2015) — Youth across the Middle East are hearing what God has to say about their toughest struggles, writes Melissa Fleck, Communications & Program Specialist, SAT-7, I

Middle East young manIn an online article, Fleck says: “They are tuning in to hear their peers hold biblical discussions on teen-related issues they face in a new program called ‘We Grew Together’(in Arabic, Kbirna Sawa.).” 

According to Fleck, after the popular live youth program ‘From Me to You’ concluded its broadcasts, dedicated viewers anxiously awaited the rollout of ‘We Grew Together’ in mid-March with the same presenters — members of a renowned praise band called ‘Strongholds’ who sing hymns and contemporary worship songs on the show. 

Fleck reports that Lebanese presenters Jamie, Joyce and Rawad, with Syrian presenters Nour and Tamar, continue to be a Christian witness as they “grow up” alongside their viewing audience. Programming Manager George Makeen says: “They have this special bond with viewers. Every time they are on air, people call to discuss topics, pray together and sing together.”

Fleck says that even on the show’s Facebook page, viewers are posting thoughtful responses to sensitive questions. One of the first episodes tackled the difficult topic of how the Bible addresses premarital sex. A related post asked, “How do you think someone can take care of themselves and wait until marriage?”

Lubna writes: “As a person draws near to God, she grows more in her spiritual life and can control herself more in earthly matters.”

Raef writes: “Spiritual satisfaction from the presence of the God in our lives. If the Holy Spirit lives in me, I can overcome lousy desires from approaching.”

Fleck stated that upcoming episodes will debate controversial issues, interview Christians recognized for noteworthy achievements in society, and examine the media marketing methodology called subliminal messaging, among other topics. 

“Thanks to your support,” says Fleck, “this program is applying God’s Word to the heart-issues faced by today’s youth one issue and one person at a time.”  

Photo caption: A Middle East young man

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