Jobs and A New Dairy Farm For Armenia


The historically Christian country of Armenia is surrounded by Muslim nations.  Their small army made up of both regular soldiers and a huge contingent of volunteers is their only defense. Armenia was attacked by their neighbor Azerbaijan, armed by the Turkish army, on September 25th. This started the invasion of the ethnic Armenian enclave of Karabakh.  Russia, unfortunately, refused to honor their treaty to defend Armenia against foreign aggressors.

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18 acres and a future home school for needy children in this region.

As a result, Armenia was losing the battle with the Turkish equipped Azeri army, and a peacekeeping treaty was signed on November 9th after 6 weeks of intense fighting.  The treaty placed Russian and Turkish forces inside Karabakh.  This is both a defeat for Armenia and another blow to its weak economy.  The treaty requires Armenia to return the lands it took in the 1991-94 war for independence with Azerbaijan.


Jobs and Cows To Support Armenian Families

New dairy farm to provide jobs for the people of Armenia

Today Armenia is reeling from the influx of refugees and wounded soldiers returning home.  Mercy Projects In Murrieta, California however, in the midst of Armenia’s despair, is addressing a long-term need.  They are starting a dairy farm in the Lori region to provide local jobs, milk, and a future Christian school for needy children.


This beautiful region with its rich farmland is the perfect location for a new and sustainable approach to dairy farming.  Over 40 dairy cows will be purchased in the coming months and funds are needed for this endeavor.

Jeff and his wife Paula visiting Alaska. They love Armenia and want to help.

“We are excited about this project because it provides sustainable and immediate jobs,” said Jeff Thompson, the director of US-based Mercy Projects.  “We also plan to develop a small biogas facility to provide heating and regenerative farming techniques to create an organic farm.  This piece of land is also perfect for a small school for needy children in this region,” he said.

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