Leading The Way Provides Audio Bibles for Afghan Refugees


Heathfield, England (ANS) – As hundreds of thousands of Afghans are fleeing to other countries to escape the Taliban, Christian charity Leading The Way is offering them the hope of the Gospel by distributing solar-powered audio Bibles.

Leading The Way’s on-the-ground partners in Albania, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, the U.S., and more are already reporting an influx of Afghan people seeking refuge within their borders.

“We looked at this as an opportunity to spread the Gospel. The Lord has brought the Afghan people to countries that allow our device to cross borders such as Albania,” explains Maged Atalla the ministry’s International Director.

He added: “We have received requests for 2,000 Navigators from Albania because there are 20,000 Afghan refugees coming into the country. So, our team and partners in Albania said we have access to those, so we decided immediately to produce 2,000. We sent the first 500 last week and the others will follow.”

These compact, durable, and solar-powered audio Bibles filled with the New Testament and Dr. Youssef’s teachings provide quick, easy access to the Gospel.

“As many Afghan people leave their home country to seek refuge in many countries around the world, we are working hard to provide them with the means to find true refuge in Jesus Christ. The Navigator devices bring that hope to many,” said one of Leading The Way’s Field Team.

Leading The Way is making these Navigators available to any churches, organizations or individuals helping Afghan refugees in the UK.

To find out more contact Peter Wooding at pwooding@ltw.org

An audio interview with Leading The Way’s International Director Maged Atalla is also available upon request.

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