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Luis Palau to hold FestiMadrid in Spain

by Michael Ireland

PORTLAND, OREGON (ANS) — FestiMadrid, a citywide evangelistic campaign in Madrid, Spain, is set for June 15-23.

Evangelist Luis Palau says about FestiMadrid: “I can’t wait!”

Announcing the FestiMadrid event, Palau said in an email update to ministry supporters: “At first, I wasn’t sure I would be able to go due to my health. Andrew would go as the main evangelist. But we prayed and made a decision… I’m going. I will join Andrew and share the load.”

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Palau said: “When the invitation came last year I was overjoyed. I was also realistic about the chances – medically speaking – that I would even be around.”

Palau was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

Luis Palau’s bus advertising the FestiMadrid event

“ Yet here I am. Still struggling. The cancer is still a threat. And chemotherapy is a routine for me. But the doctors have given me clearance. And I’m at peace. I will go. I must go! I want to go!

Palau continued: “This may be my last overseas campaign. That’s nearly a certainty. And what a joy for it to be to share the Good News in Spain. The promotion has already started to hit the city. I love Spain. My father was born there. Yet it has been a very hard place for the Gospel.”

Palau said of his last visit to Spain: “ We had a breakthrough in 2005 with the first-ever evangelistic campaign in Madrid. It was glorious. Tens of thousands gathered for the first time, and thousands came to faith in Christ.

“ The local leaders have since told us – with careful and serious research – that hundreds of new churches were started in and around Madrid in the years since that campaign. A true indication of the way God is working in the nation.

“Yet there is still work to be done. It is still a very secular and lost nation. We took this festival on by faith, and we have a long way to go to meet the financial needs.”

Specifically, Palau said the ministry is trusting God for a final $300,000 in the next 30 days to help finish the needed funding and finalize the massive advertising blitz to truly impact the city. “That’s no small feat,” he said.

But Palau said there’s good news. “Some friends of the team have put up a matching challenge for all remaining gifts for Madrid. $150,000 to be exact. It puts the full budget well within reach.”

“It would be a tremendous blessing to be able to say within the next 3 weeks, ‘We’re all set. Let’s fix our eyes on Madrid, the festival, and on the lives which will be saved.’”

Palau said the schedule is packed:

  • Andrew will preach in prisons.
  • Wendy will lead an outreach for women.
  • Andrew and I will share at a gathering for business and civic leaders.
  • There’s also a gathering for pastors and leaders.
  • Another gathering for evangelists.
  • Then the final two nights of the festival… “Andrew to preach Saturday, I’ll preach Sunday.”

Palau added: “I seldom write to you this boldly or urgently. But I know you love the Lord Jesus and the Good News. And I know you’ll pray for me as I take this big step of faith to travel to Madrid with Andrew to share the Good News.”

Please do pray for Madrid, Spain and the wonderful people there as Luis and Andrew prepare to share the Good News with them this coming month.

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