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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Quotes Command of Jesus to ‘Love Your Neighbour’

by Peter Wooding

Rome, Italy (ANS) – In honour of their contribution to tackling global hunger in 2020 in the midst of continued conflict, famine and the Covid-19 pandemic the World Food Programme has been honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize.

In his acceptance speech last month at their headquarters in Rome, World Food Programme  Executive Director and a committed Christian David Beasley shared his inspiration from the teachings of Jesus to love your neighbour.

WFP Executive Director David Beasley during Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

“Dr King, Nobel Laureate in 1964 said, ‘Love is the most durable power in the world.’

“Like Dr. King, from a very young age, I learned this teaching from Jesus of Nazareth, as he taught from the Torah: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I have come to understand that a better translation of what Jesus actually said is: ‘Love your neighbor as your equal.’ Think for a moment what that really means.

“Imagine every woman, man, girl and boy we share this planet with is our equal and if we would just love them as such.”

In an interview with the Global News Alliance Beasley says this award has helped to put a spotlight on the continuing challenges we face in 2021 to respond to the growing worldwide issue of starvation.

David Beasley on a WFP food distribution.

“The number of people marching to the brink of starvation when I arrived four years ago was 80 million.  Before Covid it had gone up to 135 million. And now it’s primarily because of man made conflict and climate extremes. But since Covid that number has gone from 135 million to 270 million people. I’m not talking about people going to bed chronically hungry. I’m talking about people literally marching towards the point of starvation. They don’t know where their next meal is coming from. So you really could have destabilization, famine and mass migration if we are not on top of it.  So the Nobel Peace Prize committee was saying thank you for being on top of it. However 2021 is a call to action to the world to wake and realize what we’re facing.”

Despite these challenges Beasley concluded by sharing the hope he draws from the children he meets around the world.

Meeting children gives David Beasley hope to continue to tackle world hunger.

“When you’re out there and you see so much war, so much conflict that’s man made, it’s heartbreaking. But I can tell you, it’s easy to get depressed and despondent, but no you can’t do that. When you’re out on the field and you see the highs and heart and the spirit of those little girls and those little boys it just gives you inspiration to know that’s why you’re there to do everything you possibly can.”

Watch a video report on this story produced by our partners at the Global News Alliance:

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Quotes Jesus in Acceptance Speech

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