Open Doors Releases 2019 Annual Report


SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA (ANS) — In 2018, 1 in 9 Christians worldwide lived in places where they experience high levels of persecution for following Jesus.

Cover of Open Doors 2019 Annual Report

In an article based on research from Open Doors’ 2019 World Watch List, CEO Dr. David Curry reported that in 2018, in the top 50 countries on the list, 11 Christians are killed every day.

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Curry said: “The number is shocking. To be honest, the magnitude of Christian persecution in the world today can be overwhelming. But I was soon reminded that this is not God’s story. And that in the midst of these shocking numbers, Jesus is at work. His hand is still moving, making all things new.”

“But God is at work in the midst of these shocking numbers. He’s telling His story, and it’s one where He is making all things new,” he said.

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In 2018, Curry said Open Doors was able to help over 375,000 people with socio-economic development, meaning they were able to access support like microloans, literacy and job training, school support, emergency relief aid like food and medicine, safe houses, and community development.

More than 570,000 people received discipleship training, mentoring and counseling Open Doors was able to distribute more than 2 million Bibles and pieces of Christian literature.

You can download the 2019 Open Doors Annual Report here:

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