Running For Grace Movie Premiere

Running For Grace
Running For Grace with Matt Dillon and Ryan Potter

The new movie Running For Grace opens in 11 movie theaters this weekend and shares a powerful story of love, adoption, and the yearning to belong.

Running For Grace

Is a timeless tale that takes place against the backdrop of the segregated coffee fields in 1920s Hawaii – a coming-of-age journey about a young man who transcends the boundaries of race and class in pursuit of a forbidden love.

This amazing film play Friday night @ 7 pm at The AMC Orange 30 (The Block)! “Running for Grace” was directed by David Cunningham and stars Matt Dillon & Jim Caviezel. The movie was filmed on the Big Island of HI.

This is an incredibly relevant message about IDENTITY & the POWER OF ADOPTION. “Running For Grace” is the story of Jo, an orphan of mixed race who transcends the boundaries of race & class in pursuit of true love. Fighting for his place in society and yearning to belong, Jo discovers his identity through the grace of adoption & the power of family. This film is great for THE WHOLE FAMILY! Tickets will be available online on Tues. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!! The film will open in only 11 theaters on 8/17.  Click on the Running for Grace FB page for more info!