UK Pastor Delivers Pizzas and Prayers


A UK-based pastor is attracting considerable media attention after he started delivering pizzas in his community to help fund his church’s food bank, as people are in increasing need due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Matthew Murray delivers pizzas and prayers

In an interview for the Global News Alliance Matthew Murray, who leads Renew Church in Uttoxeter in England said he has had a great response since taking on this unique role:

“A couple of times a week I’m out delivering pizzas and I’m also raising money, so I’m using all of my wages, all of my fuel money and all of my tips to fund our food bank at Renew Church in Uttoxeter which I’m the pastor of.  We are busier than ever with people more desperate than ever.  I thought they could do with all the help they can get right now.  But people are just so happy. I don’t obviously get to spend long with them, I don’t get up close to them, but I wave at them.  I ask them how they’re doing.  I pray for some of them. So it’s been an opportunity just to be a conduit of joy and hope in these troubling times.”

Murray went on to share how his church has been greatly impacted by being able to utilize online technology to stay connected:

“Some of our services have been viewed 5,000 times in the last few weeks.  So we’ve reached people.  People who are away from church, people who are disengaged from regular worship are suddenly back involved, which I think is pretty cool. Someone sent me a message the other day saying your online service has helped me find faith. So I really believe God is going to use this situation and spin it round for his good. I really do believe that.”