Adrian Hawkes


Adrian and Pauline Hawkes smallerAdrian Hawkes is a writer and married with three children, ten grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. He is part of the Rainbow Church community in North London where he used to lead the church and today still fellowships there. Adrian works to share the gospel with people from Sri Lanka both in Europe such as in France, Switzerland, Norway, and Germany, as well as in North America.  He also helped to form Phoenix Community Care Ltd. which cares for 30+ unaccompanied minors and vulnerable adults in North London. Adrian and his wife Pauline also established PCC Foster Care agency which has grown to over twenty staff people caring for hundreds of children in foster care.

His books include Leadership… Attracting, Training and Releasing Youth; The Jacob Generation; HELLO Is That You God; Culture Clash; His first fiction book ICE JACKED; and his latest book Life Perspectives From A to Z.  You may contact Adrian at