BMF Life Stories Mobilizes UK Army of Social Media Evangelists


Wigan, England (ANS) – UK-based BMF Life Stories has seen a phenomenal response to their recently launched social media evangelism campaign with more than 90,000 people enquiring about the Christian faith online.

Throughout this year since lockdown began BMF Life Stories UK has seen thousands of lives impacted through their weekly Monday night Facebook live events.

ANS Senior Editor Peter Wooding interviews BMF Life Stories team – Paul Fenton (top left), Allan Jones (bottom middle).

Each week people from all walks of life share their life-changing testimonies. Some of these have included Leading The Way UK’s Director Dr Alan Kerbey OBE, Tasyr Abu Sadda, who was a sniper for Yasser Arafat and ex-professional footballer Bruce Dyer.

BMF Life Stories Director Allan Jones says they’ve been overwhelmed with the impact of their online outreach:

“The response was so remarkable we launched a salvation prayer hotline, with calls pouring in from across the UK from people in need of spiritual support. Many have  given their heart to Jesus and we’ve been able to connect them to local churches.”

In the coming few weeks over Christmas and the New Year their Facebook Live Events will feature African Children’s Choir Founder Ray Barnett, (Monday Dec 21, 8pm UK time), Care for Children Founder Robert Glover (Mon Dec 28, 8pm UK time), and Dr Sean George who was miraculously raised from the dead.

African Children’s Choir Founder Ray Barnett

To join BMF Life Stories Facebook live events go to:  or Subscribe to their You Tube Channel:

For all media enquiries contact Allan Jones Tel. +44 1695 623557