Dr. Youssef Brings Message of Hope During ‘Truth’ Crisis


London, England (ANS) – Leading The Way’s Founder and President Dr Michael Youssef shared a timely post Easter message on ‘Hope for this Present Crisis’ with an audience of UK Civil Servants and other key leaders associated with government via zoom on Wednesday April 21.

Dr Michael Youssef shares a timely message of hope for this present crisis.

His talk was part of the FAME (Faith and Minority Ethnic) – Faith Literacy Easter Series, when he answered several key questions from FAME Network lead, Anthonia Ifeyanyi-Okoro on topics including:

What is Easter and who is Jesus Christ? 

Was Jesus Christ a real person? 

What is the link between Passover and Easter? 

How can we be persuaded today that Jesus is real and provides hope? 

“The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead gives us that assurance for everyone who believes in Him that they too will live with Him forever in heaven,” Dr. Yousef declared.

“Christianity is an invitation to faith and you can decide whether to accept or reject this.”

Dr Youssef went on to explain why he believes we need to have hope in this present crisis where Christians are facing more challenges to live out their faith than ever before:

“What we’re facing is a crisis of the truth. Today society can tolerate any lifestyle apart from the Christian faith, even though we are the most loving and caring people on the planet.

“But we are seeing pressure on Christians in every part of the world. However, it encourages me to take an even stronger stand and say ‘I love you no matter what you do.’

“Christ is the heart of Christianity.  Jesus is the only one to rise from the dead never to die again, which is proof that He is the whole truth.” 

Leading The Way’s UK Director, Dr Alan Kerbey, said: “We are so grateful for this significant opportunity for Dr Youssef to share with such dedicated government workers and other key leaders the reason why Easter remains so significant for Christians. It’s so important for the ministry of Leading The Way to continue to provide the hope we have in Christ during such uncertain times.”

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