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Global Outreach Day Accelerates in the Midst of Pandemic

by Peter Wooding

Berlin, Germany (ANS) – Go2020 usually known as Global Outreach Day is on a mission to mobilize 100 million believers across the world to reach a billion people with the gospel throughout the month of May.

Go2020 Flyer

In the midst of Covid-19 Go2020’s Dave Gibson believes this a historic moment to reach people with the hope of Christ during such uncertain times: “This is the opportunity of a millennium. There’s never been as many people on planet earth who are fearful and without hope searching for answers. This is a Kairos moment for the church to rise up. It’s a simple prayer, care and share strategy. We can pray for people, we care for them and we reach out to our neighbours. Provide groceries, reach out to those who are hurting, pray for healing. And prayer, care and share, lovingly and appropriately sharing the good news of Jesus. So we feel like this pandemic has enhanced the opportunities for the Gospel rather than diminish it.”

That openness to the Gospel has been clearly evident throughout this month. One Go2020 team in Dallas, Texas was at a family gathering for Mother’s Day, when seven family members surrendered their lives to Christ. Another team in Dallas encountered two young ladies that were sitting outside their apartment, when they accepted Christ into their lives.

This campaign will conclude this Saturday May 30, when the Palau Association will be hosting an online outreach festival called Stories of Hope.

Evangelist Andrew Palau explains more: “Go2020, the Global Outreach Day and all of us are really focusing all the time on this reality that every believer is a witness and here’s another tool right in your very own hands. During our online festival we’ll hear from a number of well-known Christian athletes and coaches including Tony Dungy, a superbowl-winning coach, Monty Williams, coach of the Phoenix Suns NBA team, and some football players and some artists and a little worship and then I’ll share the Gospel. So it’s very simple, but I think it’s going to be very fruitful and very powerful and personal that you can get hold of it.”

Dave Gibson concluded by sharing how he believes the phenomenal response they’ve seen to this year’s campaign is a direct result of the most united prayer effort he’s ever witnessed: “All the prayer movements have come together. Over 200,000 people have been fasting and praying for revival and awakening for 40 days leading into Global Outreach Day. In all of my years in ministry I’ve never seen this much united prayer happening. There’s a tidal wave of prayer happening.”

Watch a full video report on this story produced by our partners at the Global News Alliance:

Global Outreach Day Accelerates in the Midst of Pandemic

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