Janey DeMeo


Janey DeMeo is founding director of Orphans First, a non-profit organization providing food, clothes, shelter, education, medical help and Bible teaching for suffering children in several countries: www.orphansfirst.org. Janey is also an author and writer with books and articles in French and English. Janey and her husband ministered in France for 22 years and planted a church. They traveled extensively to many other countries for the cause of Christ, helping church-plant initiatives and launching children’s ministries. They finally moved to America at the end of 2003 and both taught in the Calvary Chapel Bible College for a few years. Their present ministry focuses on discipleship and helping children-in-crisis.

Janey’s parenting book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! provides biblical responses to practical parenting issues is now out-of-print but still exists in its French version, Mon Dieu, ces enfants! (http://www.vida-editions.com/famille/98-mon-dieu-ces-enfants–9782911069109.html).

Janey, a Brit, describes herself as a mother, grandmother, animal lover and advocate for children-in-crisis and issues of justice. Her husband is a pastor.