Plant a Seed and Watch God Make It Grow


seed“I planted the seed and Apollos watered it. But God is the one who made the seed grow”— 1 Corinthians 3:6 (ERV).

Reading the directions on the back of the seed packet, I could picture a mass of wildflowers blossoming in a sunny corner of my backyard. The seed mixture includes yarrow, columbine, marigolds, cornflowers, wallflowers, daisies, and at least 20 other kinds of annuals and perennials.

The packet of seeds, according to the description, will also provide a variety of colors on the different size plants. The photo on the front of the packet reveals different shades of reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, purples, and blues, each blooming at various stages from spring until fall with the perennials returning next year.

Eagerly reading the directions, I made note of the planting period for my zone—March through June. It was early March but with the unpredictable Oklahoma weather, I knew it’d be mid-April before it was safe to plant. Bummer. We’d had some 70 plus degree weather during February as well as below-freezing temperatures. I’m impatient for spring. Ready to plant seeds and watch them grow. I don’t like waiting.

Waiting on God

If you’ve ever planted seeds, you know there’s something about seeing things grow, about seeing them sprout up from seemingly nowhere at all. And when you’ve done the planting, it’s even more rewarding.

Growing flowers from seeds require patience. From the time the seeds are sown, it will be at least 42 days before they bloom. When we plant the seed of God’s Word into others, we must wait on Him to make it grow. However, we may never see the results.

It’s not up to us to make His Word grow. We can plant a seed, we may even be able to participate in the watering, but ultimately, the growth belongs to Him.

Our Story Belongs to Him, Too

Recently, I was reading a devotional in The Upper Room. Like me, the writer had faced rejections from editors and publishers. Even after years of studying and investing in his craft, the latest rejection had left him downcast. He’d been advised to walk away from the writing project he had submitted.

Dejected, the writer considered giving up. He asked himself if there were another way to use his gifts for God’s glory and to bless others. Needing answers, he took a walk through his neighborhood and considered his options. Coming across a piece of litter, he bent over to pick it up. Grasping the half-empty package of ink pens, he knew it was a gift from God and affirmation to not give up because the two black pens were his favorite kind.

We never know which of the seeds we sow in faith will bloom. Only God knows which ones will thrive with care and which ones will perish. Failure doesn’t mean the end. It’s up to us to keep planting seeds and leave the rest to God.

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