Leading The Way broadcasts into every home in Australia

Dr. Michael Youssef preaching at Sydney Town Hall.

DMY Sydney Town Hall Event smallerAUSTRALIA – After securing time on four major national TV stations, Leading The Way with Dr Michael Youssef is seeing an overwhelming response to their broadcasts across Australia.

“By God’s grace, the reach of our ministry is beyond our wildest dreams. We are seeing so many impacted lives across the nation and beyond,” says Leading The Way Australia’s Regional Director Chris Makin.

Leading The Way has offices around the world—from its headquarters in Atlanta to affiliate offices in Canada, Australia, and the UK, and a network of field ministry teams across the Middle East. In every region, Dr Michael Youssef’s uncompromising Biblical teaching is impacting some of the most unreachable places and people.

“Dr. Youssef resonates with Australians. His theological training in Australia gave him the insight into how to preach to a very skeptical culture. He doesn’t compromise the Gospel and his delivery reaches a very diverse audience.

“We have a lot of viewers in remote areas. Australia is a vast island continent, so many live away from good churches. It’s extraordinary the number of letters we get every week from people who say Dr. Youssef is their teaching pastor as they have no access to any church.”

In addition to reaching some of the most remote parts of the country, Leading The Way is also seeing some of the most unreachable people transformed by the uncompromised preaching of the Gospel.

One such viewer is a man serving time in prison for murdering his wife:

I always thank God for Leading The Way which I watch every Sunday in my cell. I came to the end of myself and have turned my life over to Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior after watching your show for some time. Dr Youssef gave me insight into the scriptures and I was able to understand God’s love for me. My goal now for the rest of my life is to serve my Lord and savior.

I need to be here in prison, but I’ve found freedom in Christ and I’ll live for Him here.

Makin concludes: “These kinds of stories are repeated over and over because of the way in which Dr Youssef preaches Christ and the access that God has given us to every household in Australia. It’s extremely humbling for me to be part of this growing ministry which is an absolute privilege.”

About Leading The Way:

LTW TV Broadcasts Australia smallerNow celebrating 30 years of ministry, Leading The Way‘s television and radio programs are broadcast in 25 languages to audiences across six continents. Leading The Way also produces DVDs, CDs, books, a monthly devotional magazine, and daily e-devotionals to spread the light of Christ. This Atlanta-based ministry utilizes field ministry teams to evangelize seekers, disciple new believers, and help the persecuted in places where it is dangerous to follow Christ. Dr. Youssef’s unique perspective has given him a platform to speak boldly into today’s issues and provide Biblical solutions to the challenges Christians are facing today.

About Dr. Michael Youssef:

Michael Youssef, PhD, is the Founder and President of Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef. Dr Youssef was born in Egypt and lived in Lebanon and Australia before moving to the United States. In 1984, he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming an American citizen. He holds degrees from Moore College in Sydney, Australia, and from Fuller Theological Seminary in California. In 1984, he earned a PhD in social anthropology from Emory University.

He has authored more than 30 books, including popular titles The Hidden Enemy and The Barbarians Are Here. He and his wife reside in Atlanta and have four grown children and ten grandchildren.

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Photo captions: 1) Dr. Michael Youssef preaching at Sydney Town Hall 2) Leading The Way‘s broadcasts across Australia. 3) Jim Caviezel with Peter Wooding at the NRB.

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