Global Phenomenon Behind The Blessing Song


London, England (ANS) – Just two months after US-based Elevation church first sang The Blessing, this worship song has gone viral across the globe. During the current lockdown several different versions have been recorded from nations across the world using online technology. One of the most recent versions was performed by children in many different countries.
UK children’s pastor Simon Parry who runs All Stars Kids Club was behind The Blessing Kids:

The Blessing Kids

“We had a 15-year-old girl who is part of a Masai tribe in Kenya. And I love it. She’s in full Masai dress, she’s a warrior and she has an Iphone, which I find incredible with headphones to sing the song. We had Malawi, Kenya, we had Kuwait. We’ve had Germany, France, New Zealand, China, UK, America, I mean just a load of kids from all over. And the wonderful thing was we in the time we had were able to include some children with additional needs so it was inclusive. We had signing in there and for me that was so important.”

Parry says the response already has been overwhelming. But he hopes that many more people will be powerfully blessed by the Blessing Kids:

“My prayer is it would bless people, it would bless families and it would bring people into the kingdom that people would know how much God loves them and that He has a plan and He’s bigger than this crazy season we’re in. And I think for me having the children singing this over people is powerful and significant.”

In an interview with the Global News Alliance London-based worship leader Noel Robinson who took part in the UK Blessing video said it was a remarkable demonstration of unity as 65 churches were represented from across the country:

“It’s the breadth of it that really impacted me at first when I began to see people right across the as you call it church cultural streams.”

Robinson concluded by sharing why he believes something very significant is happening across the globe during this time of lockdown:

“So I think this global pandemic is a global response from heaven where God is stirring believers to do things and position themselves and to grow into things because of the sake of what’s coming.”

You can watch the full video report produced by our partners at the Global News Alliance here:

Global Phenomenon Behind The Blessing Song