‘Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers’ — Dan Wooding’s Life-Story


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (ANS) – “Twenty Six Lead Soldiers” screenplay, based on the incredible true-life story of British Christian journalist Dan Wooding, chronicles the exciting and tumultuous times of how he went from the British tabloids to being a voice for the persecuted.

“Twenty-Six Leads Soldiers” screenplay  tells how Wooding went from working for Billy Graham’s newspaper, The Christian, to a period in the British tabloids (senior reporter for both the Sunday People and the Sunday Mirror), as well as being a London correspondent for the US-based National Enquirer — and all the excitement and intrigue that entailed.

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Claire and Terry at a movie premiere

In “Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers” screenplay viewers will learn how Wooding eventually became embroiled in the tabloid life and all the vices that went along with it. He hit rock bottom until God turned his life around in a powerful way. He then used his journalistic skills to be a voice for the voiceless and persecuted church around the world.

Now the “Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers” screenplay of his incredible story has garnered official selection status at the 2019 Life Fest Film Festival in Hollywood. The screenplay was written by noted Christian screenwriter, Claire Hutchinson (“Lucky’s Treasure,” “Living the Dream”) and is based on Dan Wooding’s life and his book, “From Tabloid to Truth.”

As Pulitzer Prize winner Dallas Kinney aptly notes, “Dan Wooding is not content to observe events from the sidelines. Instead, he has chosen to pursue the untold stories of the voiceless people… people around the world who are living out their faith without counting the cost. And more often than not, this has put Dan’s own life and liberty at risk as well.”

Claire Hutchinson is the award-winning screenwriter of the screenplay. Her husband, Terry Porter, is the packager of the project. Terry has been a WGA agent for 30 years. The couple are also producers. They are bringing onboard famed keyboard player, Rick Wakeman (of the rock group, Yes) to compose the score for “Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers.”

Terry said, “We are looking for a funder for this project who will understand how amazing this story is, not only for the movie industry but especially for the Christian world community,” adding: “We need someone who will champion this movie and will want to be a part of the cause of helping the voiceless and persecuted church.”

Dan Wooding meets George and Barbara Bush

The script is six hours in length. “Many Christian producers are looking at it, and some of them want it cut down to two hours before they will consider funding it,” said Claire. “I’m looking for a funder who will also pay the cost of my time and effort in cutting the script down to two hours. We have to pursue every avenue in this endeavor, and if cutting it down to a two-hour movie will mean that it will be funded, we will do it.”

If you’d like to be a part of funding “Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers,” please contact Claire and Terry at claire@clairehutchinson.net.

Hutchinson is a producer and award-winning screenwriter, script analyst, film festival judge, speaker, and producer. She is the screenwriter of the film “Lucky’s Treasure,” starring Michael Ironside (“Top Gun,” “Total Recall”), Delaney, and J.T. Neal. It was distributed by Pureflix and Universal Studios in 2017. She is also the co-producer, writer, and director of the short film, “Living the Dream,” which won third place in the shorts category at the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival in 2019. Her WWI script, “The Czar’s Letters,” won first place in the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival in 2019.

Her credits include “Tomorrow” (2018), “The Thought of You” (2018), “Living the Dream” (2018, co-producer, director, writer), “Lucky’s Treasure” (2017) and “Waves” (2015). Claire also judges ICVM Scene Shop, 168 Film Festival, and 168 Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition. With her husband, Terry Porter, she is currently in development on a documentary script entitled “Baby Rescuer: The Claire Bingham Story.” Her IMDB is: https://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm7592199/?ref_=tt_fm_wrt

Websites: www.clairehutchinson.net and www.ambassadorcommunications.biz

Both Dan and Claire are represented by WGA agent and producer, Terry Porter. For almost 30 years, Terry Porter has been a WGA signatory agent, representing screenwriters, producers, composers, and actors through Agape Productions and The Terry Porter Agency. Some of the companies he has sold projects to include CBS, NBC, ABC, Turner Network, and Larry Levinson Productions.

Terry was a distributor of “The Door’s Always Open,” the co-executive producer of “An Animator’s Life: The Phil Roman Story,” and associate producer of “Hollywood on Fire.”

As co-owner of Ambassador Communications with his wife, Claire, he is the co-producer of the Christian comedy film entitled “Living the Dream,” which released in 2018. He is currently developing an extensive film slate which includes “The Doctor” (about the euthanasia campaign in Nazi Germany) and “Caleb the Colt” (animated musical).

Website: www.flatrockrecords.com

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